12Ah Lead-Acid Battery

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Part Number:LA-12Ah

eFishersupply's battery packs are built with high quality AGM cells (they will not leak, even if cracked) and have replaceable fuses. For extra protection from damage, each battery pack is seated in a heat molded protective wrap. The handle has also been slightly enlarged for easier handling with gloves.


Capacity:  12 Ah
Voltage:  24V
Weight: 17lbs 8oz
Fuse:  40 amp ATC/ATO

Peukert Numbers:

Battery size
100 watts
200 watts
300 watts
400 watts

2.9 Ah30 min
14 min
9 min
6 min
3.5 Ah36 min
17 min
11 min
8 min
7 Ah
67 min
31 min
20 min
14 min
9 Ah
93 min
44 min
28 min
21 min
12 Ah
125 min
60 min
39 min
29 min
15 Ah
144 min
66 min
42 min
30 min

(These numbers are approximate and external variables such as age, discharge rates, temperature, pre-existing charge, etc can effect the sampling times.)

Designed for use in Smith-Root* LR-24, LR-20B, and Model 12 series backpack electrofishers (Model 12 requires the use of an adapter cable ).

Battery packs are made to order. Please allow 2-4 weeks for weeks for arrival.

*eFisherSupply.com is not affiliated with Smith-Root Inc.

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