We are a small company based in Albany, Oregon and we operate our administrative offices and recycling program in Arizona. All products are available online with ease or just e-mail us, and we will assist you in any way we can.

eFisherSupply.com specializes in quality replacement battery packs and accessories for fisheries research. We manufacture and offer a full line of replacement 24v battery packs specifically designed to work in Smith-Root* backpack electrofishers. Our products are designed to stay functional in extreme weather and rugged terrain. There is nothing worse than bushwhacking into a remote site, and finding an essential piece of gear is malfunctioning. Biological studies are often time sensitive requiring reliable gear. We realize this.

We are not biologists and don’t pretend to be. eFisherSupply.com is simply there to provide our customers with the best products available at a great savings. When it comes down to it, most research is publicly funded and tightly budgeted. Saving money on gear helps stretch funds, which in turn, preserves vital research and saves jobs.

Josh is the office administrator, book keeper and co-owner of eFisherSupply.com.  If you contact the company it is likely that he will be the one you interact with. 

Josh spent seven years as a low-voltage electrician and "tech guy" before having the opportunity to help start eFisherSupply.com. This company is something that he really believes in and he looks forward to working with each and every one of you.

Kyle performs all manufacturing and repair services for eFisherSupply.com. If you have detailed technical questions about our products, this is the guy to talk to.

Kyle spent 4 years in the Marine Corps repairing small arms, and he has seen "lots of things" break during field use. He is rarely content with how things are built, and looks for ways to improve them. He performed his first electrode repair in 2009, and has been improving them ever since. He now resides in Oregon, raising his 2 young boys during the weekdays and building/repairing at night and on weekends.