eFisherSupply.com Frequently Asked Questions

What are the different purchasing methods?

VISA, MasterCard, American Express, or Discover card. You can also order using a Purchase Order Number by sending us an email or calling us directly. Then enter the number in the comments at checkout.

How secure is my personal billing information?

Very secure. Your information is transmitted using an SSL with up to 256 bit encryption. This means that the information is encrypted while it travels across the web. We do keep a copy of invoices for up to 18 months. This is for warranty verification. Your credit card information is processed with Transaction Central, a payment gateway. We do not have access to your credit card information at any time.

If you make a phone order we will ask for credit card information to complete the process. We type that information directly into the virtual terminal provided with Transaction Central who then processes the charge. We will never write down or store your information making it impossible to be stolen or hacked.

How long before I receive my order?

All battery shipments are built to order. PLEASE ALLOW 2-4 WEEKS FOR DELIVERY.

We are a federal agency, could you work with our tax exempt status?

ABSOLUTELY! If you are ordering from outside of Arizona simply place your order and you will not be charged tax. If you are from Arizona please send an email to Sales@eFisherSupply.com with what you would like to order and we will begin processing. We then will follow up with you to complete the transaction. AZ 5000 form can be found here.

What different shipping methods do you use?

We offer UPS. If there is interest in expanding that selection, please let us know.

What is included in this 18 month warranty that you offer?

In layman's terms, if our product breaks or ceases to work within 18 months of purchase, we will repair or replace the pack free of charge. In other terms, we cover workmanship and materials.

How does your electrode pole repair service work?

Send us your broken electrode(s). Once received we will evaluate the pole to see if it can be repaired. If an item cannot be fixed we will contact you and decide whether you would like the pole returned at no charge or store credit toward your next purchase.

What cannot be fixed?

If the plastic activator switch has been torn from the handle it cannot be repaired.

How much does electrode pole repair cost?

$130.00 for clients within the continental US.

Is there a warranty that covers the pole after repair?

Yes. We cover our pole repairs with a 12 month warranty. 

Do you do business outside of the US?

Sorry, but currently we do not. If you are interested in purchasing items but are from outside the US then please contact us at Sales@eFisherSupply.com

Do I need to create an account to order from your site?

No. If you feel that you’re going to be ordering from us in the future then creating an account would save time. It saves all the information that you’ve entered into the order page so all you have to do is login, select the products that you would like to purchase and submit the order. It’s there for your convenience but not necessary.

I received your email invoice and there is/is not a link to pay the bill online?

If you ordered $1700.00 or less worth of merchandise we can offer you an "Pay Online" option on your electronic invoice. The invoice is sent out from QuickBooks and the link will take you to the QuickBooks Payment Network. If you have any questions about their level of security please click the following link. If the purchase amount is over the $1700 limit than you would just return the invoice with check or money order.